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The CMH Mission

EXCELLENCE in the provision of health care and related services, governed as a not-for-profit community organization, serving the needs of our people with superior quality and value.

The objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be to establish, maintain, control, and operate a general hospital in Burke, South Dakota, to provide the highest quality of health care possible to the community in the most efficient, effective, and economical manner possible.


The hospital has an obligation to be self-supporting and self-perpetuating in attaining this objective. Furthermore, as people are involved in this organization, Community Memorial Hospital, Inc. is ethically bound to promote the good of the individual employee and the consequent good of the society they represent.


Concerning the stated objectives and purposes, Community Memorial Hospital will promote interest and activities through auxiliary associations and societies or otherwise, throughout the neighboring communities, in measures tending to conserve the public health and to prevent disease and to accept by conveyance, devise, bequest, or gift, real or personal property, and to exercise any and all rights and powers conferred by law upon such corporation and to do any and all acts incident to the exercise of such power which may be necessary and proper for the promotion of its business, and the accomplishments of its objectives and purposes.

Mission Statement
Community Health Needs Assessment

Form 990 and Single Audit

The public disclosure copy of Form 990 and Single Audit for Community Memorial Hospital may be downloaded here.

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