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Financial Assistance

Community Memorial Hospital offers financial assistance for emergency and medically necessary services that are provided and billed through our Patient Financial Services. This assistance, ranging from a reduction in the amount of the balance outstanding up to complete forgiveness of the balance outstanding, is provided to patients demonstrating financial need. 


Services eligible under this policy will be made available to the patient on a sliding fee scale, in accordance with financial need, as determined in reference to Federal Poverty Levels (FPL) in effect at the time of the determination. The basis for the amounts Community Memorial Hospital will charge patients qualifying for financial assistance is as follows: patients whose family income is at or over 100% and below 150% of the FPL would be eligible for up to 50% discount.


For exceptional financial circumstances, patients whose family income exceeds 150% of the FPL may be eligible to receive discounted rates on a case-by-case basis based on their specific circumstances, such as catastrophic illness or medical indigence, at the discretion of Community Memorial Hospital; however, the discounted rates shall not be greater than the amounts generally billed for commercially insured patients. Once the patient has been deemed eligible, Community Memorial Hospital will apply the FAP discount to the patient’s account.

To get your current percent for the basis of calculating your financial assistance amount please call 605-775-2621.


Any physician providing ER care in Community Memorial Hospital is covered under the FAP.

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